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Welcome to the Lincolnsfields PlayZone playcentre formerly known as Funworld and based at the Lincolnsfields Children's Centre in Bushey.


The Lincolnsfields Centre is a local Children’s charity. The Centre would normally operate as a venue for both day and residential trips for schools and organisations looking for an educational trip with a difference. However, as you can imagine all of these activities have been greatly affected by the Global Pandemic.


To keep the charity from closing and to maintain a local activity venue for children and their families the Board of Trustees took the decision to re-open the soft play centre which will now be under new management and run by the dedicated Lincolnsfields Centre staff which also keeps them in employment.

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39 LincolnsFields Playzone, Bushey Hall Drive, Bushey WD23 2ES     01923 211412    /   01923 233841

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